Monday, May 12, 2008


To really get the feel for this picture of Prague, click to enlarge it...sorry, I will have a huge head. Isn't it amazing?

So, we were in Prague this weekend and it is awesome! holy cow, it is soooo beautiful! we are going to post pics, I promise! so, prague is so awesome but so touristy! Beware! oh, and our first impression wasn't great. we saw a girl get hit by a car and the guy just drove off. then, i was trying to use the atm machine and it just ate my card. so stressful! i still don't have it. Anyways it is just so beatiful because it has such old buildings. I just have to say that learning about history is much better when you are in the country rather than just reading about it. I have learned so much about WWII and the Cold War on this trip. The Czech Republic still has remnants of communism in it. The train station we were at to depart to Munich was in such bad shape. It was amazing to see what communism can do to a country. There were parts that were just so run down. Things are a lot better though now. Oh, and being in Prague was a little harder because trying to understand Czech is very difficult. Oh, and when we were taking a tram through some neighborhoods we saw three missionaries tracting. It was so great to see. It was such a run down area and to see them working so hard was so great. Their moms would be so proud! That is it for now! Next Munich!

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Austin said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous. I know exactly where both of those pictures where taken. Sorry you had such a touristy experience. You need a guide....