Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More driving...but through four countries!

Today we drove from Germany, through the Netherlands and Belgium and then we ended up in northern France. It was so long but fun to go through four countries. We visited some WWII stuff in the Netherlands (again, my Dad is completely fascinated with WWII). We drove for about 10 hours today! The freeways in the U.S. are a lot faster! Though, we drove through many small towns and it was great to see the French countryside. I have some pics to post but that will have to wait as it is very late here!

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Julia M. said...

Meg!! I love being updated on your travels and my heart really longs to be there. My grandfather-in-law helped liberate Dachau and was at Normandy Beach. I never met him, but I live in his house and revere all the sacrifices he made. What beautiful experiences you are having! So fun to have your mom seeing her mission, too. I hope you continue to enjoy it!