Sunday, May 18, 2008


The crematoriums
This is where the prisoner had to line up each day.

We went to the Dachau concentration camp today. It was a very humbling experience. From seeing the gas chambers, the bunkers, the crematoriums, and the huge size of the camp itself and more it was fascinating yet completely sad. As we were walking around I felt the same way about Hitler as the same way I feel about Osama Bin Laden. I just couldn’t believe he would do so many horrible things to innocent people. This camp was meant for 6,000 people and when the American soldiers came upon it there were 34,000 people. Insane. Also, for many years after the people were liberated they still lived in the camp. The location was much better but still. Because many of their homes were destroyed and many of them had no family left they had no place to go. Can you believe that? Oh, and at this camp there many medical experiments performed upon the innocent. In one experiment they put many people in rooms with mesquitos that carried malaria. Also, they had an experiment where they basically tortured many of the prisoners by having them drink only salt water for 3 weeks. They all survived but it was intense torture. Last but definitely not least, they had lay-men do surgeries on barely anesthetized prisoners. Awful! It was a crazy place to visit. I just can’t believe it really happened.

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