Sunday, May 18, 2008


At the castle there was this huge wine vat that could hold over 20,000
liters of wine! They love to drink!

I am a big loser and when we got to Heidelburg I took a 3 ½ hour nap! (For the record, I was sick with stupid allergies! Also, we had been driving for a few hours and I get pure motion sickness. I really needed a nap!) So, while I was napping my family went out to see the castle there and a cathedral with a bell tower. The castle was really cool and was very old. It was started in the 1230’s. Oh, and while Mitch was there taking pictures, a huge Asian tourist group swarmed him! There were about 40 of them in a small space. He says it was pretty funny. We like to call them the Asian persuasion. Then, after we ate that night Mitch and I went out for a walk along the river. It is a college town and all of the students and teens were along the lawn next to the river and it was a party! There were so many people out. We saw everything from sand volleyball, yo-yoing, boozin’ it up, and last but not least some teens smoking a pipe! Gotta love Germany!

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