Sunday, May 18, 2008


Ok, I have been to soooooo many cathedrals. Seriously, from going to Europe last year, spending time in Quito last summer, and going to all of the cathedrals since this time I have seen a lot. The Koln Dom is the most spectacular Cathedral ever! If you go to any cathedral in Europe this is the one! It is all built in the Gothic style and it is massive and so tall! We walked inside to take a tour and Mass just happened to be starting. It was fantastic to hear the acoustics of the building as the choir sang. Though, Mitch was taking pictures with the flash and a priest came over and yelled at him! Too bad it was all in German and so we were like….uh, okay. It was funny though. The picture that we are going to post does not really display how massive and tall this place is. AMAZING!

As we were walking through the city by all of the shops there were the FUNNIEST guys ever! Oh my hanna days! One guy was dressed up like a woman: blonde curly hair in pig-tails, short and plaid skirt, a stuffed bra under a tight t-shirt. I mean it was just funny. Then, there were all of these other guys dressed in the same t-shirts. It turns out after talking to this woman/man that it was part of his bachelor party. It is a tradition there. He had to get 10 male words of advice and 10 from females. I can’t even describe how funny it was. The Germans have such fun traditions! All I can say is Americans are stale. Oh, and the first cologne was made here for the stinky royalty who barely bathed! Hence the name for cologne!

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