Monday, June 2, 2008


After Paris we flew to Valencia, Spain. It is on the southern coast. First we must tell about our experience in the airport. The low-cost airlines in Europe have a strict weight requirement. Only 15kg for checked baggage and 10kg for carry-ons. If you go over they charge 15 euro/kilo. So, when we first weighed our luggage we were WAY over. I mean we would have had to pay 150 euros which is over $200 US dollars. So, we decided to cheat the system. We threw out some things we didn’t need and decided to wear our clothes to reduce the weight. Mitch had on 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts, and 2 jackets. He had to throw out a lot of stuff too. I had to wear 12 shirts, 2 pants, and two jackets. I was seriously so chunky! When I had to take off my jackets to go through security I am sure they were very confused by my clothing choices. Well, we got through with ease and the flight was actually really great. We only paid 50 euro total to fly a distance similar to flying from Salt Lake to San Diego. If you can meet the weight requirement it is a great way to fly!

So, Valencia is known for its beaches. Unfortunately, when we first arrived it was rainy so we couldn’t go. We really just did nothing for the first few days. Then, the sun came out yesterday and it was so fun! So warm and the water was great! Though, we accidentally went to a topless beach! Mitch was so flustered and I just laughed. Most women weren’t topless so we just had to go in an area that there weren’t topless women. Also, most of the women were old and had major saggy boobs! So funny! Though, a group of kids from a school came and all of the teenage boys were just checking out the topless girls! It is a pretty city but we recommend only come for 2-3 days and not 6 like us. We have been kind of bored. I pretty much fried at the beach unfortunately because pretty sure I have not been out in the sun in nearly 2 years. Now to Madrid!

1st is the rose bridge, 2nd and 3rd are fallas (pronounced fayas) is the falla museum. They are made of wire frames and covered with paper mache. They make a ton of them for a huge celebration in March and burn all of them except the one favorite at the end of the celebration. The last picture is a cologne ad that is very Zoolanderesque.

The top picture is kind of random but we just had to take it. Why are the display models aliens? I definitely gotta get those clothes.


Erika said...

Megs, you make me bust up laughing! I love reading your stories. Looks like you guys are having a great time. Keep the stories coming. As for my new address it is erikalbanks at gmail

Julia M. said...

Meg! I love that you wore 12 shirts. That totally cracks me up! I'm glad you got to leave Paris and hope that Spain is awesome. What cool experiences!

Chad and Ashley said...

Did you sleep in your swimsuit. Okay everytime I hear saggy boobs I want to sing this song... Do your boobs hang low do they wobble to and fro can you tie them in a knot can you tie them in a bow... so on and so on. Anyway keep the great stories coming. I'm so happy you have a travel blog to let us know what fun your having!