Monday, June 2, 2008

Pari does not hold the key to my heart

Oh, Paris. We actually hate Paris. I know, I know. Everyone is probably thinking that we are crazy. We have been there 3 times (unfortunately) this being our third time and we are still unimpressed. Though we do have one disclaimer; everyone must go to Paris at least once. But, just go for one day. This is what we suggest. 1- See the Arc de Triomphe along Champs d’Elysse. 2- go to the Notre Dame but just go in on the main floor (don’t climb the stairs to the top because you will get the same view with the Eiffel Tower) 3- Go to the Louvre. It is a must to see the Mona Lisa. But, because the Louvre is so freaking huge just see that and the other Italian paintings on that floor. Trust me. We finally saw everything at the Louvre and it was our third time. 4- Go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower at night. It is sooo beautiful! The tower twinkles and the view of the city is great.

Back to why we hate Paris. Here are the reasons in order.

1- Parisians are AWFUL. Seriously, they are so rude and just mean. Do they not understand that if it weren’t for tourists in their country their country would be in even more of an economic crisis than they are now?

2- It is foul. Seriously, it wreaks of urine. I cannot tell you how many people I have seen just stop walking and start peeing. It is just a dirty city. Last year at one of the train stations a pipe was leaking urine. Sick!

3- I know this is rude to say but there are these really annoying beggars there. They all have a card written in English about how one of their sisters at home is very sick and they need money. The saying is exactly the same on all of their cards. They just go up to you and say you speak English. It just annoys me because it is so dishonest. There are so many of them!

4- Only get a 3-star hotel and up. Let’s just say that last year there were some miscellaneous hairs on our bed. Sick! I almost barfed!

5- Way too overpriced!

With all of that said one still must go. It is quite an experience the first time.

1st is the Notre Dame, 2nd and 3rd are the aftermath of an overfed pigeon (poor Megann!), 4th and 5th are the Louvre, and last is Moulin Rouge

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