Sunday, June 29, 2008

EuroCup semi-finals. Spain. vs. Russia

So, I now understand why Real Salt Lake needs a stadium in Utah. Soccer is awesome! I hope that it gets big in the U.S. like it is here in Europe. Every four years the EuroCup is held and this year Spain is doing very well. We went and watched the semi-finals game at Plaza de Colon in downtown Madrid last Thursday night. It was so fun! There were 30,000 people there! It was Spain vs. Russia. Spain won! 3-0. They are now on to the finals against Germany. It was so fun at the plaza. Though, it was a bit nasty with 30,000 sweaty bodies from the 90 degree heat all crammed together. They had a couple of huge, big-screen TV's for everyone to watch. It was insane! They sure love their futbol here. We had a
blast and decided that next time we come to Europe
we are going to go see a Eurocup game.

The picture at the very top does not even do the size of the crowd justice. This picture was taken at around midnight. That kid across the way was like four! They love futbol! Oh, and when it gets even slightly hot here this is what happens as seen in the picture above. Honestly, what is that outfit?

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