Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A little piece of Mexico while in Spain

I was watching the news and saw that there was a festival going on at Plaza Mayor in Madrid and decided we had to go after I saw them cooking Tacos Al Pastor. Those tacos are amazing and are my favorite food from the mission. They are yummy spicy pork with sweet chunks of pineapple and as much hot sauce as you can handle. Megann really liked them and we both decided that Mexican food is way better than any of the food here in Spain. We also ate flautas or what we know as taquitos in the Walmart. All the food was fantastic! At the Metro stop at the famous Puerta del Sol there was a Mariachi band playing 'Mexico Lindo.' The best part was the Megann and I both let out our Mexican yells after they were done, "Ay, ay....arriba, arriba," and people were laughing at us. Wait a minute, a Mexican festival can't possibly be complete without a shrine to the Virgin Guadalupe as well as an Evangelical church preaching to us about being saved while a guy wears a devil costume and pretends to bind another guy in bonds of sin.

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